Harp Salon

Anne Elizabeth offers her musical talents playing the harp for special occasions, art gallery openings and as background music for celebrations. She and her musical partner Ann Bolton play duets also for special occasions, rehabilitation centers and retirement homes.

She is available to play pedal and or lever harp either as a solo musician or with her musical partner as part of their harp ensemble.

Professional Harpist in the Asheville, NC area

Sound and Stone Salon

As a healing practitioner Anne Elizabeth uses crystal bowls, tuning forks and gongs and combines that with the use of Chinese stone medicine. The pure resonance of the crystal bowls tuned to 432 hz is used to deepen and to disseminate the power of healing frequencies that have been set in motion by the placement of crystal stones on the body. The sound of the crystal bowls can be combined with the sound of tuning forks, gongs and other sound instruments as intuition may suggest.

She has studied Chinese stone medicine protocols and use the Eight Extraordinary Meridian protocols in combination with sound for systemic healing and cleansing. The stones are applied to the body according to these protocols and the pure tones of the crystal bowls are used to magnify and ground the healing energies into the physical and the etheric body.

healing practitioner Asheville

“Anne creates a wonderful healing field. She has tremendous compassion, integrity, intelligence, and joy”   NJ

Asheville Sound Healing

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