Harp Salon

Anne Elizabeth has studied Pedal and lever harp for a number of years. During that time she became certified as a music practitioner CMP and also with the International Harp Therapy Program. IHTP. In Pennsylvania, she played for hospice patients, families and staff. And she has played for services of remembrance, funerals and provided background music for art galleries and other special events.

Professional Harpist in Asheville available for special events

Sound and Stone Salon

Anne Elizabeth is a Certified Singing Bowl Master and Certified Sound Healing Practitioner. She is also a Chinese Stone Medicine Practitioner and has learned to combine these two modalities into a powerful integrated treatment for healing. Her past healing repertoire is extensive: she is Certified in Biosonic Repatterning and is also an Associate Polarity Practitioner. For 32 years she was a Counseling Psychologist Ph.D. level. In her clinical practice in Pennsylvania, she specialized in the treatment of PTSD, Women’s issues, Marital Relationships, and Individuation issues. She has been on inactive status since closing her Pennsylvania practice in 2012.

Asheville Crystal Healing
Asheville Crystal Healing

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